May 13, 2006

3D Wavy Plane

波板のスクリプトを拡張してみた。 単純なサインカーブなんで、水面を表現するには何かが足りないなぁ。もうちょっと調べてから公開しようと思ってます。

Waving Red Velvet Movie (H.264 336KB)

Modeling & Rendering: Cheetah3D 3.2

Water Plane with Cautics (H.264 84KB)

本家でもあまり盛り上がってない Cheetah3D のスクリプトなんだけど、やっぱりユーザーが圧倒的に少ないんだろうね。


Re: 3D Wavy Plane

Nice 3d wave!! A good way to make watersurface. Maybe a bit more variation to the waves? Could you post this script as well? Keep up the good work!



ps. I could try to translate this to japanese but I don't think that it'll look good.

From : Cheetah 3d Peer @ 2006-05-19 22:29:15 Edit

Re: 3D Wavy Plane

OK I'll try in japanese. Forgive me if it's wrong (Wink)

素晴らしい3d 波!! watersurface を作るよい方法。波への多分より多くの変化か。またこの原稿を掲示するでしようか。よい作業を続けなさい! 点は、ピーター

From : Cheetah 3d Peer @ 2006-05-19 22:30:44 Edit

Re: 3D Wavy Plane

thanks for comments.

Of course, I plan to post this script after adding several variations to waves for making more natural waves. but, it needs time, I think.



p.s. As you think, the translated lines are funny a bit. But not so bad to understand. (Wink)

From : tg @ 2006-05-20 01:53:56 Edit

Re: 3D Wavy Plane

Thanks, could you also tell me how you did the caustics? I tried it with the relief object but it didn't look so good. Please take your time with scripting!! I'll check back often here!


From : Peer @ 2006-05-20 05:19:49 Edit

Re: 3D Wavy Plane


I post new article about caustics, please check it. I think, Cheetah3D's caustics has some limitations or tips. it will be better to ask Martin directly... (Wink)


From : tg @ 2006-05-20 15:17:08 Edit

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