Jun 04, 2009

LuxCheetah - water cornel

ちょっと途切れてしまってますが、そろそろ完成のエクスポーターで。サンプラは "metropolis" サーフェスインテグレータは "path" でレンダリングしてみた。ノイズはなかなか消えませんが、コースティクスは奇麗に出てますね。

いろんなオプションを試してみたいんですが、時間がない (Foot in mouth)


Modeling: Cheetah3D 4.6.3, Rendering: LuxRender 0.6 RC3 + NeatImage


Re: LuxCheetah - water cornel

Nice!! did you model the water as a mass? not only the watersurface? I tried to make this just to experiment with it, but I didn't get the caustics, maybe I have to wait a bit longer (Smile) Maybe you could post some settings? Thanks!! Arigato!!



From : peter @ 2009-06-09 18:42:19 Edit

Re: LuxCheetah - water cornel

thank you for comment. it's only water surface. as you wrote, I think it takes a bit longer time to render for caustics. the release of the script is delayed a bit. I hope it in this week. regards.

From : tg @ 2009-06-11 16:36:19 Edit

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