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UV Patch.js

It's a tool script to patch polygon mesh with uv-information.

uv guide obj: set polygon object that has guide uv information.
patch uvset: select UV1 or UV2 to use.
patch mode: select patch mode.
patch burn uv: burn uv to selected object in XY/XZ/YZ->UV mode.
patch target mat: aware selected object's matrix for transformation.
patch as new obj: create new object for patch function.
patch offset: set margin from guide object.

Mesh Creation

create uvset: select UV1 or UV2 to create new mesh.
create connect: check this to connect new mesh to share vertices.

[update : 20140510] calculation bug fixed.

[update : 20140515] warp bug fixed.

[update : 20140521] patch mode added.

[update : 20140522] new paramters added.

[update : 20140531] normal calculation bug fixed.

[update : 20140605] small bug fixed.

[update : 20140606] new paramter added, speed up, bug fixed.

[update : 20140701] tree build bug fixed.

UV_Patch.js_20140701.zip ( application/zip : 5 KB)

MD5 : c7e2412a726957f96d8e12fc186a6e71

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It's a tool script to convert triangle polygons to quad polygons.

tolerance angle: tolerance angle of polygon's normal.
keep perpendicular: keep quad polygon right-angled.

20141004: dot bug fixed.

Untriangulate.js_20141004.zip ( application/zip : 4 KB)

MD5 : 5e70585247280b735471b7ca69389671

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Referenced Particles.js

It's a particle script to make particles with other object's pos/rot/scale value, optionally mirrored particles.

reference : set reference object or folder. script makes particle with these object's info ( position, rotation, and scale ).
attraction radius : set range of creation of mirrored object(s).
mirror : choose mirror plane if you want make it mirrored. use mirrored : in case that mirror plane is set, it caused render problem. for avoiding this problem, check this option and set already mirrored object as second particle.

timer : if you want update while animation, set animation key for this value for updating itself.

[update] 20170723: 'use mirrored' option added.


Referenced_Particles.js_20170723.zip ( application/zip : 2 KB)

MD5 : 5de47035431acf75a7a7415527a9b64b

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Pivot Helper.js

It's a tool script to set pivot parameter for multiply objects in scene.

Pivot_Helper.js_20140417.zip ( application/zip : 2 KB)

MD5 : 422b0b075e6f89f81a2f0292f254171a

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Parameter Copy.js

It's a tool script for copying object's paramters to selected object.

copy from : set object to copy from.
copy position : toggle position copy.
copy rotation : toggle rotation copy.
copy scale : toggle scale copy.
copy other params. : input parameter name to copy, comma separated.

from parameters / target parmaeters : show all parameter names.

Parameter_Copy.js_20140417.zip ( application/zip : 2 KB)

MD5 : 1733cf53cdf61be19f1695a0a30977ff

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MS Importer.js

AfterEffect からスクリプトを使用して 3dsMax 用に書き出した ms ファイルを、Cheetah3D に読み込むツールスクリプトです。

It's a tool script for importing .ms file that is exported for 3dsMax from AfterEffect with AE3D_Export.jsx script.

MS_Importer.js_20140402.zip ( application/zip : 3 KB)

MD5 : fd817d41bdf93e69ba997c286f95e9f0

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Spline Tip Particles.js

It's a simple particle script to make particle at tip of spline ( start / end / both ).


Spline_Tip_Particles.js_20140225.zip ( application/zip : 3 KB)

MD5 : 67b559b9e5c464b1d594c0f09201b48c

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