File  ID : 107

UV Patch.js

It's a tool script to patch polygon mesh with uv-information.

uv guide obj: set polygon object that has guide uv information.
patch uvset: select UV1 or UV2 to use.
patch mode: select patch mode.
patch burn uv: burn uv to selected object in XY/XZ/YZ->UV mode.
patch target mat: aware selected object's matrix for transformation.
patch as new obj: create new object for patch function.
patch offset: set margin from guide object.

Mesh Creation

create uvset: select UV1 or UV2 to create new mesh.
create connect: check this to connect new mesh to share vertices.

[update : 20140510] calculation bug fixed.

[update : 20140515] warp bug fixed.

[update : 20140521] patch mode added.

[update : 20140522] new paramters added.

[update : 20140531] normal calculation bug fixed.

[update : 20140605] small bug fixed.

[update : 20140606] new paramter added, speed up, bug fixed.

[update : 20140701] tree build bug fixed. ( application/zip : 5 KB)

MD5 : c7e2412a726957f96d8e12fc186a6e71

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