File  ID : 92

Multi Joint.js

It's a tool script to set joint's parameter ( type / display mode / color ) recursively. To use, place this script into ~/Library/Application Support/Cheetah3D/Scripts/Tool folder.

set type : a switch to set joint's type
joint type : joint's type setting
set mode : a switch to set joint's display mode
joint mode : joint's display mode
set color : a switch to set joint's color
joint color R/G/B/A : factor of joint's color
recursive : if you want to change parameters of all child joints, check this
only children : if you don't want to change selected joint's parameter, check this

capture : to capture selected joint's parameters, click this button

Multi ( application/zip : 2 KB)

MD5 : 0729ee5ad70c8c074c738f8e94408854

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